Inspiration for What to Write in a Condolence Card

Here is some inspiration for what to write in a condolence card for different types of losses. Keep reading to learn more.
Inspiration for What to Write in a Condolence Card

Condolence cards are a great way to show your support and offer your respect to someone who is grieving. But trying to land on what to write in a condolence card can be challenging. To help, we’ve put together a list of meaningful condolence message examples.

What should a condolence message include?

Writing a condolence message should include an acknowledgement of the loss, your sympathies, appreciation for the person who passed away, and any support you can offer them in person or remote. You can find more helpful tips on what to include (and what to avoid) in your condolence message in our guide on how to write a condolence message.

What to write in a condolence card 

It’s completely normal to feel stuck when it’s time to write your condolence card. So here is some inspiration for what to write in a condolence card when a friend loses a loved one.

Message for Sympathy Flowers

When you send sympathy flowers, make sure to include a card. A card gives you a chance to express your condolences and helps the family identify who they’re from. Since condolence cards that come with sympathy flowers are usually small, here are some short condolence message examples: 

  • I thought these flowers were as beautiful as {the deceased’s name} spirit. I’m sending you my love during this sad time.
  • I remember {the deceased’s name} always loved {type of flower}. I’m so sorry for your loss. They have given everyone so many wonderful memories.
  • Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may these flowers remind you of the many memories you two shared. 
  • I am so sorry to learn of {the deceased’s name} passing. I hope these flowers can contribute to the beautiful funeral service. 

Condolence message for the loss of a parent 

The loss of a parent, no matter how old you are, is extremely emotional and difficult. As a result, it can be hard to find the right words to help share your sympathies and support. It’s important to remember that your condolence message won’t fill the void but show your support. 

Loss of a mother

  • May you find peace and comfort in knowing your mum was an amazing person. Her warmth and love will be missed by many.
  • Your mum was truly wonderful and special. I’m so sorry for your loss.
  • I’m sending you my deepest condolences with the loss of your mother. I wish you comfort and peace during this difficult time.
  • Your mother's kindness and humour were a light that could fill any room. I hope it will comfort you to know that others are missing her right alongside you. Sending you love, peace and comfort. 

Loss of a father

  • I am so sorry to hear of your dad’s passing - he was truly an inspiration to many. You are in my thoughts during this difficult time.
  • My condolences for the loss of your father. There will never be another like {Insert name}, but you should know his beautiful spirit shines through you.
  • The loss of your father is proof that life isn’t fair. His friends, community, and loved ones will remember and miss him dearly.
  • No words can express how sorry I am that you are going through this difficult time. Sending you love, light and beautiful memories of your father. 

Condolence message for loss of a spouse or partner 

The loss of a spouse or partner can feel like losing half of yourself. That’s why the death of a partner or spouse, especially if it’s unexpected and sudden, is devastating. So here are some sympathy messages to express your condolences for their loss. 

  • Please accept my deepest condolences over the death of your beloved partner. You two shared a beautiful life, and many will miss them.
  • There is no one who can pretend to understand the pain you’re going through. I’m so sorry about {the name of the partner or spouse} passing.
  • There are no words to truly express my sympathies over the loss of your partner/wife/husband. So very few people get to experience the life and love you shared. 
  • Speaking on behalf of our family, we are so sorry to hear of {the name of the partner or spouse} death. We are sending love and reminiscing on memories we all had together and how they touched our lives and hearts. 

Condolence message for loss of a pet

It can be difficult to know what to say when a friend or family member loses a pet. With dogs and cats living for several decades, they are often present in many of their owners’ milestone events and memories. For many people, their pets are part of the family and their passing can have a deep effect on them.

If you haven’t experienced the bond that comes with having a pet, you might find it difficult to full comprehend the depth of a loss of this type. However, whether you have been through the loss of a pet yourself or not, it’s important to be there for your friend or family member. Here are some condolence messages you can use to comfort them.

  • [Pet’s name] loved you no matter what. They were always there for you and now they will live on in your heart. We will miss [pet’s name], too.
  • May [pet’s name]’s memory bring you comfort, and may the love you shared bring peace to your broken heart. I’m thinking of you at this sad time.
  • Sorry for the loss of [pet’s name]. Losing such a big part of your family is never easy. My condolences are with you and your family.
  • Sorry to hear about the loss of your furry friend. Thinking of you and your family in this difficult time.

Casual condolence messages

Casual condolence messages are great for sharing your sympathies for the family of someone you didn’t know very well. Here are a few examples of casual condolence messages. 

  • I am thinking of your family in this difficult time. Please know that I’m here to help in any way I can.
  • Keeping you in our thoughts during this challenging time.
  • We’re here for you as you mourn the passing of {insert the deceased’s name}.
  • I’m thinking of you and hope you’re doing okay. 

Short Condolence Messages

There’s nothing wrong with a short condolence message. These are great if you’re sending  funeral flowers or need a brief expression of condolences to use with a sympathy gift

  • In loving memory
  • Gone but not forgotten
  • Always in our hearts
  • So sorry for your loss

Deepest Condolence Messages 

Deepest condolence messages are suitable for anyone, regardless of the relationship you have with the person grieving. 

  • My deepest condolences to you and your family during this difficult time. 
  • My deepest sympathies go to you during this difficult time. Please know that you’re in my thoughts every day.
  • Please accept my deepest and heartfelt condolences at the loss of your (parent/partner/spouse/friend/other).
  • I was deeply saddened to learn of {the deceased's name} passing. You have my deepest sympathy.

Wrap Up 

Finding what to write in a condolence card can sometimes keep people from expressing their condolences. Pull inspiration from these condolence message examples to make sure you let the family know of your sympathies during this difficult time. It’s best to apply them to your situation and write what feels most honest and genuine.

 If you need to plan a funeral for a loved one, our team of dedicated and empathetic funeral arrangers can help. Or, you can check out our funeral guides on the blog.

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