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When an individual passed away without a Will (intestate), did not name an executor in a valid will or the Executor is unwilling or unable to act, the deceased’s closest next of kin (eg spouse or de facto spouse) will need to apply for Letters of Administration in order to administer the estate.

Letters of Administration is a court order made by the Court which allows the Administrator (the person who is appointed by the court) to distribute the assets of the deceased who died without a valid will.

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Common questions about Letters of Administration

What are Letters of Administration?


Letters of Administration is a court order made by the Court which allows the Administrator (the person who is appointed by the court) to distribute the assets of the deceased who died without a valid will.

Who applies for Letters of Administration?


If the deceased individual dies intestate, the law in the state or territory in which the deceased died and owned assets, will determine who:

  • can apply for Letters of Administration; and
  • receives the assets of the deceased’s estate.

This is known as the 'rules of intestacy'.

The grant of administration is usually made to the deceased's 'next of kin', which is the deceased's closest relative.

The Court will usually grant administration to the following ‘next of kin’ (in order of priority):

  • the spouse or de facto spouse of the deceased;
  • spouse and children;
  • children;
  • parents;
  • brothers and sisters;
  • grandparents;
  • aunts and uncles; or
  • any other person the Court thinks fit.

How long do Letters of Administration take?


In general, obtaining Letters of Administration will take approximately 8 to 15 weeks from the date the application for Letters of administration was filed with the Court (depending on the Courts backlog of applications).

How long do you have to apply for Letters of Administration?


Time is of the essence when it comes to Letters of Administration applications. You must submit your LOA application within six months of the deceased person’s death.

If you’re filing outside of this time frame, you will need to provide satisfactory reasoning as to why you’ve deferred your application. The bottom line is that delaying an application is a potential cause for a range of related complications depending on the circumstances.

We strongly recommend submitting your LOA applications as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary issues.

What happens if a Will is discovered later?


If a Will is discovered following the grant of Letters of Administration, the appointed Executor must be informed, and the original granted order will be revoked.

In most cases, the Supreme Court will grant Probate to the rightful Executor outlined in the newly discovered Will with the administration of the estate proceeding as intended by the Will-maker.

Does it cost to file Letters of Administration?


There are costs and fees associated with filing for Letters of Administration as there are with many legal services. These costs or expenses vary between states and are also largely affected by the contents, value and overall nature of the estate.

Contact us today to discuss fees and costs involved with filing a Letters of Administration application to your local state’s court and registrar.

What happens to the deceased’s estate if there is no Will?


If there is no Will or an existing will is determined no longer valid, different states and territories will have different laws in this regard.

Generally speaking, state legislation and its respective rules of intestacy usually (but not always), dictate that an intestate death means the estate will be transferred to the next of kin, such as a spouse or children under these types of circumstances.

Please review your local state’s Successions Act or other legislation for specific rules and details.

What is the difference between Probate and Letters of Administration?


Probate is issued by the Court to the Executor(s) named in the Will of the individual who has passed away.

Letters of Administration is a grant by the Court to a person other than a named executor or executors such as a close relation of the individual who passed away because the individual passed away without a Will (intestate), did not name an executor in a valid will or the Executor is unwilling or unable to act.

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