Because death is hard enough already

At Willed, we make end-of-life planning simple, affordable and accessible for all Australians.

Whether it's for the sake of your loved ones or for your own peace of mind - Willed is on a mission to dial down the devastation of a poorly planned death through guidance, expertise and care.

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Created by lawyers and tech experts, but most importantly, real people.

Photo of Dave Kaplan

Dave Kaplan

Co-founder, Joint CEO

Photo of Aaron Zelman

Aaron Zelman

Co-Founder, Joint CEO

Photo of Tim Glasson

Tim Glasson

Co-founder, CTO

Photo of Ariella Birnbaum

Ariella Birnbaum


Photo of Ari Morris

Ari Morris

Head of Legal & Willed Law

Photo of Caroline Jeanne

Caroline Jeanne

Lawyer - Willed Law

Photo of Kerry Pham

Kerry Pham

Lawyer - Willed Law

Photo of Jenny Pham

Jenny Pham

Paralegal - Willed Law

Photo of Ryan Voitiskis

Ryan Voitiskis

Software Engineer

Photo of Simon Mumme

Simon Mumme

Funeral Arranger Conductor

Photo of Eve Artemenko

Eve Artemenko

Funeral Arranger

Photo of Donna Shipton

Donna Shipton

Prepaid Funeral Consultant

Photo of Tania Lee

Tania Lee

Prepaid Funeral Consultant

Photo of Raf Goren

Raf Goren

Prepaid Funeral Consultant

Photo of Tammy Cohen

Tammy Cohen

Business Development - Partnerships

Photo of Jordan Kaplan

Jordan Kaplan

Staff Writer

Photo of Rachel Hechtman

Rachel Hechtman

Customer Support Manager

Photo of Hannah Mendoza-Wolfson

Hannah Mendoza-Wolfson

Customer Support

Photo of Leonie Kaplan

Leonie Kaplan

Customer Support

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