Eulogy Examples: How to Write a Eulogy for a Loved One

To help you write a eulogy for a loved one, we put together a list of eulogy examples including a eulogy outline.
Eulogy Examples: How to Write a Eulogy for a Loved One

Writing a eulogy for a loved one can be an overwhelming experience. Especially when you’re not sure how to put your feelings into words. To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of eulogy examples including a eulogy template.

Eulogy Template

Eulogy’s can vary from one person to the next but the eulogy template below is a good starting point. It include the most important parts that you may want to cover. Rule of thumb is to keep your eulogy no more than ten minutes long.

Here is a eulogy sample outline:

  1. Introduction: Use this section to cover a few basic points including names and a brief overview of your relationship with the person. You could also use a poem, quote or scripture to start.

  2. Main Part of the Eulogy: The main section of the eulogy will be the longest. It’s where you’ll highlight the deceased’s life including their accomplishments, fond memories, characteristics and any other details you want to share.

  3. Summary: At the end of the eulogy, you can take the time to finish with how you want friends and family to remember the deceased, the video tribute, a song or quote and thank attendees for attending.

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Eulogy for a friend

When writing a eulogy for a friend, It can be helpful to write it as if you were talking to them. Talking points that you may want to mention include how you met the person, fond memories you shared together, personality traits of the loved one and what you’ll remember them by.

Family Eulogy Ideas

Depending on who you’re writing a eulogy for, here are a few eulogy ideas that are helpful in getting started and coming up with talking points.

Eulogy ideas for a dad or mum

Writing a eulogy for a dad or mum can be a very overwhelming and tough experience. When you’re grieving and trying to put emotion into words, you can get stuck. So here are few things you may want to mention:

  • Share your fondest childhood memories

  • Life lessons you’ll carry on with you

  • Their quirky personality traits you’ll miss

  • How they’ve affected your life and you as a person

Eulogy ideas for a grandparent

In the event you’re asked to write the eulogy for a grandparent, here are a few talking points that will make the process easier and help you make sure to include details the room will know and love.

  • Mention traditions they brought to the family

  • Their greatest accomplishments

  • How they influenced your life and upbringing

  • Funny stories and fondest memories

Short Eulogy Examples

Sometimes, the process of writing and presenting a eulogy can be too challenging when you’re experiencing grief. If the experience becomes too much, you can write a short eulogy that highlights the most important points of that person. These include:

  • Their characteristics and biggest impact on others

  • One or two fond memories

  • Their greatest accomplishment

  • Express your gratitude and love for the person

Can you make a eulogy funny?

Depending on the deceased, you may decide it’s appropriate to make parts of your eulogy funny. It can be a great way to honour their personality and inspire celebration of life in the room. Here are few tips if you want to make a eulogy funny:

  • Highlight the person’s sense of humour and comedic qualities

  • Share specific jokes and memories that are funny and relatable

  • Communicate how the person might act and say if they were there or wrote the speech

  • Find the balance of funny and respect

Wrap Up

Writing a eulogy is an experience that you may or may not experience at some point in your life. In the event that you do, these eulogy examples are a great starting point for your friends and family. When in doubt, speak from the heart and keep it short and sweet.

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