3 Ways to Reuse Funeral Flowers After a Funeral Service

We’ve put together a list of three unique ways you can reuse funeral flowers after a funeral. Keep reading to learn more.
3 Ways to Reuse Funeral Flowers After a Funeral Service

Funeral flowers add warmth and beauty to a funeral service, and are a visual representation of love, sympathy and respect. In this way, they are for both the living and the dead. Flowers are also often gifted to express sympathy for the bereaved and respect for the dead. Traditionally, these can be delivered before the service or in person when arriving at the funeral.

A common question among people when planning a funeral is what to do with funeral flowers after the ceremony. Most times, throwing them away doesn’t feel right, but keeping them can become a burden.

In this article, you can read about what to do with funeral flowers after a funeral service to continue celebrating a loved one's life in the best way possible.

Give Them Away To Family & Friends

You might think that giving away funeral flowers to family and friends is an odd thing to do, but it can actually help them feel close to the person who recently passed away. Start by approaching those closest to the deceased first such as siblings, spouses, children, and friends. If no one wants to take them home, you can ask the funeral home to dispose of them or leave them at the burial plot. 

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Create A Memorial Garden

A memorial garden is a beautiful way to take care of funeral flowers and pay respect to the deceased. The two most common options are a terrace or part of an existing garden, but you can also use wooden crates and fill them with soil to properly plant them.

It doesn’t have to be a big garden or anything too expensive for you to feel connected to the person who recently passed. Funeral flowers after a funeral service can also be left at the grave or planted nearby (if allowed by the cemetery).

Donate Funeral Flowers

Another thing you can do with funeral flowers after a funeral service is donate them to a hospital, retirement home, hospice, or any place where others can enjoy the flowers. Many non-profit organisations also accept these donations, so try to find one nearby willing to take in your flowers for patients or clients to appreciate.

Most bereaved families want to donate funeral flowers so they don’t have to worry about them after the funeral. And, it’s lovely to honour their loved one and share their legacy by allowing others to enjoy them. 

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What To Do With Funeral Flowers 

Flowers are just one way you can honour someone, and your beautiful gesture is something truly appreciated. However, when it comes to the end of the service, the options mentioned above can help you take care of funeral flowers appropriately while respecting the person’s wishes and family and friends’ feelings. 

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