How to Make a Sympathy Gift Basket

From journals to cookies, plants to cards, here’s a rundown of what to include in a sympathy basket for your bestie.
How to Make a Sympathy Gift Basket

Your best friend (or loved one) has just said goodbye to someone important to them, and you want to help – but where do you even start? When the people around us experience grief, it’s difficult to know what the ‘right’ thing to do is, especially if they’re telling you they don’t need anything and are okay as they are.

What is a Sympathy Gift Basket?

Our recommendation? Always send a sympathy gift basket. Always. It’s a lovely way to show your friend you care and that you’re thinking of them. And the best part? It can be dropped off at their doorstep if they aren’t wanting visitors. Not only is a sympathy gift basket super thoughtful, but if you too are experiencing any grief or it can also be cathartic for you to make.

Here’s what we love including in ours:

A journal and nice pens

It goes without saying that writing down your thoughts and feelings – especially during a difficult period – can help alleviate stress, anxiety and overwhelming emotions. Journalling can provide a sense of calm, helping the writer feel a little more in control of all that’s happening around them during what often feels like a time with little-to-no control.

And then to make things a little more fun and really entice them to write, throw some cute and colourful pens into the basket, too.

Home-baked treats

Everyone loves a brownie. Or a cookie. Or a slice of cake. Bake your bestie something delicious (bonus points if it’s their favourite sweet treat) and pop that into the basket, too. There’s almost nothing dessert can’t fix (in our opinion, anyway).

Healthy snacks, fresh fruit + veg

Looking after yourself during periods of grief can be tough; we often don’t feel like heading to the shops or making hearty meals for ourselves. Stock their basket up with healthy snacks and fresh produce to help them better care for themselves during a time where self care can often be neglected.

Plants or flowers

Greenery does wonders for the mind. Add a pot plant or bunch of flowers into their basket to help inject their home with a taste of nature and life.

Self care products

From fancy body washes to lotions and face masks, pop something a little ‘self care-y’ in their sympathy basket. This can act as a much-needed reminder for your bestie; they have to take care of themselves during this time! It’s absolutely essential.

A thoughtful card

When sending a sympathy gift basket it’s always important to let the recipient know who sent it (duh)! Write them a sympathy card, letting them know it was from you, and telling them how they can get in touch if they need anything at all.

Wrap up your gift basket

And here’s how we like to package our sympathy gift baskets:

Step 1. We add all items into a basket with a handle (like the one featured at the top of this guide).

Step 2. We add tissue paper to the bottom of the basket if it’s looking a little bare. We also love the pop of colour it adds, and can’t help but feel like it helps to brighten the recipient’s day.

Step 3. We then wrap up the basket with cellophane, and tie it together with a ribbon.

Wrap up

While we often feel a little helpless when a friend or loved one is grieving, sympathy gift baskets can be a great way to show them you’re thinking of them. Add any items you think they’ll love (or that’ll make them smile), and be generous with your quantities. There’s nothing nicer than receiving a thoughtful, personalised gift box, when you need it most.

If you are grieving for a loved one and need to arrange a funeral, the team at Willed can help. Speak with a dedicated funeral arranger on 1300 945 533 today.

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