Death Premonitions: What do they mean?

No, not all premonitions mean impending death. But, sometimes it’s good to listen to that nagging hunch of yours. Below, learn all about death premonitions.
Death Premonitions: What do they mean?

Call it a hunch, a bad feeling or a premonition. We all get these uncomfortable feelings from time to time, shake it off and think nothing of it. But, when we sometimes hear stories of people’s premonitions – specifically death premonitions – coming true, it can be frightening and jarring. Learn more about death premonitions below. 

What is a death premonition?

Since a premonition means a forewarning, or a feeling of anticipation over something that’s about to happen, a death premonition is the feeling that someone is going to die. You don’t have to be a psychic or a medium to experience a death premonition – some people have unexplained feelings, dreams and thoughts without knowing why.

Do death premonitions always come true?

While there are instances of people being able to predict a death (or their own death), it’s important to note that a premonition of death isn't necessarily a sign that you are going to die. It may simply serve as a warning, or these could also be feelings that are common with those with obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD).

Some people who live with a type of OCD may experience fears about death such as intrusive thoughts, urges or seeing images about their death, people they love, or about dying in general. In these cases, it’s best to visit a healthcare professional to help manage these conditions and help improve quality of life. 

Premonitions of events

In the case of 9/11, mundane decisions spared people’s lives. Some workers in the World Trade Center went back home to change their shirts before work, passengers missed flights, flight attendants changed shifts, or, in a lucky twist of fate – some simply slept in. In the days and years thereafter, many reported having had premonitions that foretold this catastrophic event. It begged the question: was the universe, or a God-like figure attempting to warn people of a future event? Of this, we may never know … but some like to believe that it was a warning from some sentient being. 

Premonition theories

While there is no known scientific reason for premonitions, there are theories. One is that they can be explained by our subconscious mind, which picks up on subtle cues and patterns in the environment that our conscious mind does not. This information is then processed by the human brain and can appear as a premonition or a dream.

Some scientists also believe that psychic abilities are at play, however, this mode or thought is not widely accepted by the scientific community (at the time of writing). Scientific studies on premonitions are limited, however, it is an interesting phenomenon that has been investigated. Hopefully, in the future, these studies will become more prevalent.  

Wrap up

If you have a strange, unexplainable feeling that someone is going to die, you can go inwards and meditate upon it. Ask for clarification from a spiritual guide, or yourself. Connecting yourself to the spiritual world can help you to feel more at ease with your premonitions. Keep in mind that not all premonitions come true, for a whole host of reasons – some that we can’t explain. So, while it’s normal to feel alarmed, there are ways to manage these thoughts and feelings – the best way being meditation or to talk to someone you trust about it. 

Sometimes, having a premonition can be a good thing (like, it may inspire you to write or update your legal Will!) If this is the case, you can get started on your Will in as little as 15 minutes. Need help? Our legal experts are available by phone, email and live chat to assist with all things Wills. 

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