Talking to a Loved One who has Died

It’s not weird to talk to a loved one who has passed. In fact, it can actually provide you with some comfort while you mourn.
Talking to a Loved One who has Died

When you say goodbye to a loved one – whether a friend, a family member, or a colleague – one of the most challenging elements to grapple with is that you’ll never be able to speak to them again. If you always turned to them for advice, to cheer you up when life felt tough, or you simply spent a lot of time with them, then you’ll certainly notice their absence in times of need (or when you just want someone to hang out with).

But it turns out, talking to your loved one after they’ve passed can actually be really beneficial for healing and comfort. Here’s why.

Is it weird to talk to the dead?

Nope, it’s really not. In fact, it’s pretty normal to do so. Talking to the dead can be a healthy way to grieve – and some people find it so beneficial that they’ll continue talking to their deceased loved one for months (or years!) after they’ve passed.

When someone dies, you’ll likely still feel their presence in your everyday life (and no, we aren’t referring to the sense that a ghost is hanging around), so taking some time to sit and chat to them – even though they aren’t physically there – can help fill the void of their absence. We also know that speaking out loud and vocalising our struggles (or the fact that we miss someone!) can help us better understand our own thoughts and feelings, so it might be worth giving it a go.

How should I talk to the dead?

While different religions and cultures perceive talking to the dead differently (there can be heaps of spiritual significance behind it, if that’s your thing!), we’d always recommend finding a way to speak to your loved one that best suits you and what you believe in.

Here are some ways you can talk to your deceased friend or family member:

Write them a letter

Find a pen and paper (or use your phone or laptop, we won’t judge) and write your loved one a long letter. You can use this time to share an update on your life, or you can ask them for some advice. While they won’t necessarily respond (although some people do say they can hear loved ones talking to them), writing a thoughtful letter can be a nice way to feel as though you’re sharing and chatting to your loved one. If their phone is still active (and you know whoever has obtained it won’t be creeped out), you can send them a text message so it feels like a more ‘normal’ way of connecting with them.

Talk out loud to an empty chair, in a dark room (or a light room)

This might feel weird at first, but trust us when we say it’ll likely be a cathartic experience for you. Talking out loud to a loved one can help you organise your thoughts, get things off your chest, and it might make you feel as though they’re still around, watching over and protecting you.

Find a reputable psychic medium you trust

This idea definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’re keen on finding ways to speak to your loved one that feel real, and are anecdotally real, you could try reaching out to a psychic medium and asking them to help you connect with your loved one. While we (and they) can’t guarantee that an actual connection will be made between you and the deceased, you can sometimes leave the session feeling relieved, calmer, and as though you did have contact with the person.

Wrap up

So no, talking to the dead isn’t weird. If you miss regularly speaking to and catching up with someone who has passed, you can always find ways of connecting (or chatting) with them, even if you can never really be sure that they’ve heard you. When someone dies, we miss so much about them – and a void we don’t know how to fill is often left behind. If speaking to your loved one is helpful and healing, keep doing it. It’s been proven to help, so don’t be surprised if it’s helping you.

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