Surprising Ways Willed is Flipping the Death Narrative

Think of the word ‘death’, and topics like grief, anxiety, ghosts and shadows come to mind. But here at Willed, we’re flipping the way people perceive death. Here’s how.
Surprising Ways Willed is Flipping the Death Narrative

We grow up knowing that death is a natural part of life, yet death is often brushed aside as a problem for our future selves. At Willed, we recognise that the death process requires planning, thoughtful communication and a whole lotta organisation. Luckily, we’re here to help. From writing your legal Will online to prepaid funerals, there are so many ways you can prepare for death.

Below, you’ll find a list of services the Willed team offers – services that are innovating the way people perceive death. 

Digital Vault

When you write your legal Will with Willed, you unlock your Digital Vault. This is where you can leave videos and written messages for the people you love, helping them to remember you in whatever way you’d like. This is just one of the innovative and unique ideas you can look into when planning.

Funeral Wishes Planner

Preplanning your funeral may seem macabre, but it’s actually an important step in organising your estate, and it takes the onus off your loved ones to plan it themselves, should you die before you get a chance to tell them your wishes. It helps save your loved ones unnecessary costs and stress, so it’s a good thing to tick off before the final bell tolls.

Online Will

Ah, writing your legal Will online – our specialty! With Willed, you can write your legal Will from the comfort of your couch, or bed, (well, really anywhere other than the sauna or spa, we’d say) and have it all done and dusted in 15 minutes.

Once the ink has dried (metaphorically, of course), our lawyers will check it over for you and let you know if everything’s in top shape. Lastly, make that negroni you’ve been eyeing off the bar cart and say cheers to a job well done.

For the first year with Willed, you can update anytime for no added cost. After that, it’s an optional $15 per year for unlimited updates to your Will, if you’d like the peace of mind. Opt out at any time, ‘cause we make things easy like that. 

Prepaid Funerals

It can be stressful to think about the end of your life, but it does come for all of us someday, and it pays to be prepared so you get the proper send-off. Prepaying for your funeral means that your family doesn't have to fork out their savings when the time comes, and it makes the transition less stressful for those who are grieving.

So, what is it exactly? A prepaid funeral is a legally binding contract between you and a funeral service provider. It ensures that your final wishes are met, for when the day comes and that you are celebrated the way you want to be! With Willed, you can prepay for your funeral upfront or in instalments – it’s completely up to you.

Probate service

With Willed, you can arrange probate in 3 easy steps:

A free phone consultation

This is where our expert lawyers will listen to your personal situation, explain the probate process, discuss costs in detail and let you know whether or not you require this service (as some circumstances do not merit probate!)

We prepare and lodge your probate application

Leave all the paperwork to us, and we’ll get it done efficiently.

Probate is granted

Yep. Depending on the situation, it really can be that simple. Then you are free to deal with the bank, superfunds, RAD bond and any other assets.

Wrap up

So, why choose Willed? Easy. You’re signing up for a compassionate, empathetic experience and the utmost level of attention to detail and care, and a company that’s consistently flipping the death narrative on its head. Moreover, our full suite of services gives you everything you need (and more) to help plan your death and make things easier for the people you love. 

Ready to get in touch? We love to communicate via phone, email or video – no need to step into our office! Contact the friendly Willed team today.

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