Do You Live in Melbourne? Here’s a Guide on Melbourne Crematoriums

A guide designed to help you understand more about cremation services in Melbourne.
Do You Live in Melbourne? Here’s a Guide on Melbourne Crematoriums

Cremations have overtaken the more traditional burial in popularity, with cremation being the way to go (see what we did there?) for 65% of deaths in Victoria each year. That doesn’t mean a cremation can’t be accompanied by a traditional funeral service - one with a casket, eulogies and all the wholesome bits we associate with a big send-off. But, it is also becoming more common for families to arrange a direct cremation, with no service or attendance. Instead they will hold a meaningful memorial service a few days (or even weeks) later.

In the Education State, a cremation can only be conducted by government-regulated cemetery trusts, as opposed to other jurisdictions where private operators do most of the undertaking. 

Crematorium Locations

Cremations are performed at crematoriums, which are usually located within cemeteries. Families may select a crematorium that’s close to them, or based on the affiliations of a particular funeral director.

In Melbourne, cremations take place at:

  • Altona Memorial Park in Altona North (Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust)
  • Bunurong Memorial Park in Dandenong South (Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust)
  • Fawkner Memorial Park in Fawkner (Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust)
  • Lilydale Memorial Park in Lilydale (Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust)
  • Springvale Botanical Cemetery (Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust)

Cremation Service Regulations

The cremation process involves a number of routine steps, which also takes into account some rules that must be observed depending on the State. In Victoria, cremations are governed by the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 and the Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulations 2015

Under this legislation, the following rules apply to cremations which take place in Melbourne:

  • Cremated remains must be available two days after cremation
  • Cremated remains must be held for at least 12 months
  • The cemetery trust may remove any fittings on the coffin or receptacle if it deems the fittings could impede the cremation or damage the cremator
  • It is an offence to play sport, fish, bathe, hunt or camp in a public cemetery

Arranging a Melbourne Cremation Service

When it comes to arranging a funeral, there are a number of unfamiliar processes to be followed and arrangements to be made which require important decisions in a short timeframe. That’s where Willed can provide the experience, expertise and empathy required to seamlessly arrange a cremation service in Melbourne, leaving loved ones to focus on what matters most. 

Simply get in touch with one of our professional arrangers at Willed to let them know of your loved one’s passing – they’re available to take your call around the clock.

Your dedicated arranger will then coordinate the posthumous care of your loved one, and work with you to make sure you’re not left alone with the burden of the necessary paperwork and administrative arrangements. Last but not least, they’ll of course provide a private cremation at an accredited crematorium and have the ashes returned to you or someone you nominate.

Prepaid Cremations in Melbourne

Perhaps you’ve already given it some thought and the idea of being cremated aligns well with your values. Buying a prepaid funeral lets you lock in a funeral at today’s prices, with the added bonus of relieving loved ones from the burden of complex decisions and funeral fees at a later date. Willed can assist with the entire pre-paying process, guiding you through the steps to plan a send-off that’s right for you. Purchasing a prepaid cremation also provides a clear message to family about your all-important final wishes.

You can ensure these wishes, as well as any others, are made known to the people that matter to you by putting them in your Will.

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