Are Prepaid Cremation Plans A Good Choice?

From Ancient Egyptian funeral plans to 19th century ‘penny policies’, discover the history of the prepaid funeral plans, and why prepaid cremation plans are safe with us.
Are Prepaid Cremation Plans A Good Choice?

Are prepaid funeral plans a recent revelation? The answer is nope! See, people have been making funeral plans for many years (we’re talking in the thousands … and maybe even more than that!) This idea of a funeral plan has been around for longer than you’d think!

Learn more about the history of prepaid funeral plans below (and why a prepaid cremation plan with Willed is a sound choice for the future). 

The history of prepaid funeral plans

Historians believe that dating back to 4,500 years ago, the Egyptians likely implemented plans to ensure that their families could afford burial expenses. And not only that – but in the 19th century, people took out something called a ‘penny policy’ to cover a person’s funeral expenses. This was common for people on low incomes, who started to pay instalments as soon as their first child was born. Door-to-door insurance salespeople would collect the penny premiums once a week or once a month, which is not that dissimilar to the weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments that we have today!

Cut to now, where we have updated, more secure ways of doing things. Take our prepaid funeral plans, for example. These are backed by Foresters Financial, a 170-year-old, APRA-approved Friendly Society, which means that your money is held in a secured account until it’s needed. Nice!

Learn more about the purpose of prepaid funeral plans and the ins and outs of our Prepaid Cremation services here at Willed.

Why choose a Prepaid Cremation Plan?

The whole point of a funeral plan is to help you pay for your funeral so that your family don’t have to worry about the financial implications when the time comes. Opting to prepay for your cremation not only relieves the time constraints associated with a traditional funeral but also allows your loved ones to plan a celebration of life service or event at their convenience, once the ashes are returned. This extra time can be especially valuable if your family resides interstate or overseas.

How our Prepaid Funeral plans work

We do it all in 4 easy steps.

1. You tell us your wishes and lock in today’s price

A dedicated arranger will guide you through the steps to plan the farewell that’s right for you. You’ll lock in today’s price which means you will avoid inflation and future price increases, and ease the financial burden on the people you love most. Pay without stress thanks to our flexible payment plans, or pay upfront if it suits your budget.

We know that not everyone wants to speak with an arranger. If that’s you, you can get a quote, lock in the price and arrange payment online. You can get sorted in less than 10 minutes! Click here and get started via the “instant quote” button.

2. Leave it all to us

When the time comes, your loved ones won't need to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of everything – from the paperwork to the cremation – according to your wishes.

3. Ashes delivery

The ashes and any paperwork will be returned to the person of your choosing.

4. Final farewell

We will share your wishes with your loved ones so they can celebrate your life the way you’d like them to.

Wrap up 

Anyway, we digress. From Ancient Egyptians to the penny policy era, making plans for your passing seems to be, well, not that strange at all, and can alleviate the financial burden (not to mention the emotional overwhelm) that is often associated with death. For this reason, prepaid cremation plans are a good idea – so you can lock in today’s price and keep on living your best life.

Everything you need, in one inclusive package. Sound too good to pass up? Get a free instant quote today.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. This blog should not be relied upon as legal, financial, medical, accounting or tax advice.

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