Is Willed Legit?

On its mission to uncomplicate death, Willed keeps it legal, legit, and above all, simple.
Is Willed Legit?

The dedicated team behind Willed aim to lead with empathy in their quest to dial down the devastation of a poorly planned death. The lawyers, tech whizzes and all-round good humans behind the scenes use their skill and intuition to provide guidance, expertise and care. They understand that death is hard enough already. It’s a key driver in Willed’s purpose of breaking down the barriers for people to access help with one of life’s most challenging tasks.

So, what’s our story?

At the beginning of its journey, Willed set out to innovate in the end-of-life planning space by taking things online (everyone’s favourite place). We were eager to make otherwise daunting services – such as Will creationprobate applications and funeral arrangements – synonymous with simplicity. It felt like an impossible feat at times, but nothing that couldn’t be achieved without a little help from our 700-year-old vampiric friend, Count Gregor.

Computing power continues to amaze, allowing us to keep human-centred technology at the heart of what we do: we make dealing with the practicalities of death a little easier and a lot more affordable. We’re well on the way to changing the mindsets of Australians who had been turned off doing something so vitally important for them and their loved ones. Because the hassle and cost of using traditional lawyers and processes hits different when you know you’re going to die anyway…

How it all works

As Australia’s leading end-of-life specialists, the team at Willed are only a phone call away to help you streamline those seemingly overwhelming tasks such as writing a Will or managing a deceased estate. Better yet… you don’t even need to pick up the phone if you don’t want to!

Write your legal Will online

Log on from the comfort of your couch to write your legally valid Will online (and even chat to us via live chat). You’ll be guided through simple questions before being able to download your Will. The Will is then reviewed by Aussie lawyers who provide checks and a range of customisations for your absolute peace of mind. The document becomes legally binding once you print and sign it, according to the easy instructions we provide. We understand that life changes rapidly, so you can also make unlimited updates to your Will anytime, for the first 12 months.

Arrange probate

Beyond Will writing, our team uncomplicates the process of arranging probate, which can be particularly tricky. Willed’s expert lawyers take the time to understand your individual situation, explain what probate is and whether you will require this service (spoiler, not everyone needs a grant of probate!) They’ll even give you a fixed price upfront so you don’t have to worry about how much you’ll be charged later. If you do need it, we prepare and lodge the probate application to take all the paperwork off your hands. Once probate is granted, you’ll have the authority to deal with the bank, super fund, aged care facility and any other institutions and assets.

Plan a direct cremation or funeral service or preplan

We also have a kind and caring team of funeral planners on hand 24/7 to take care of arrangements for affordable funerals and cremations. Anything and everything can be included in a package tailored to your needs. We’re talking transportation of your loved one, a private and dignified cremation, the return of the ashes and the completion of official paperwork and death certificate at minimum. Or, a whole funeral service with flowers, catering, photo tributes and more. Your dedicated planner will be with you from beginning to end, taking care of the process so you can focus on what truly matters.

Why Aussies choose Willed 

As Willed becomes recognised as Australia’s favourite Will writer, our clients sing the praises of the seamless experience facilitated by our team. In fact, we are the highest rated online Will service in Australia!*. Hundreds of executors are being helped in arranging probate each month, while thousands more are ticking their Will off their to-do list, or entrusting us with arranging a farewell befitting a loved one.

Willed’s technology is built and supported by Aussie lawyers (now that’s legit). Our Wills have also been successfully accepted in Australian courts, and your data is kept safe and secure with digital encryption that protects your information and privacy.

Wrap Up

There are a few things we at Willed can guarantee, and they are that:

  • We keep it legal, but simple
  • We remove the cost barrier by lessening the costs of end-of-life planning 
  • We make it stress-free to get started
  • We make it fast to finish (Wills)
  • We can promptly asses probate
  • We help you through the process, with real people

We’ve got plenty of proof to show for all that, but there’s only one way to find out how legit we really are: Write your Will online in just 15 minutes.

*Source: Google 19.02.2024

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