Online Cremation Services: Direct Cremation Explained

In the past, when a family has lost a loved one, funeral arrangements have been made in person with a funeral director. These days, online cremation services offer a dignified alternative, without the need to meet in person. Read on to learn more.
Online Cremation Services: Direct Cremation Explained

When a family loses a loved one, funeral arrangements are typically made in person with a funeral director. With the rising costs of living, cremation is becoming more prevalent as a mode of final disposition. Since the onset of the Covid pandemic, people everywhere have become more comfortable conducting meetings, hosting events and just generally itneracting online. With this in mind, many people are now searching online for more cost effective, straight forward alternatives to traditional and costly funeral services.

What is an online cremation service?

An online cremation service is a professional service that helps you plan and organise the cremation of a loved one, and can also assist client families to plan a memorial service fitting for their loved one. Communicating online, over the phone and/or via email, this type of service functions similarly to a traditional funeral director, without the need to physically meet to make these arrangements. An online Funeral Arranger helps plan, organise, and coordinate a cremation on behalf of the deceased's family.

What does an online cremation service include?

Choosing the right cremation service can impact your overall experience when dealing with the death of a loved one. Most importantly, you need to know that the service provider you choose will care for your loved one with the utmost respect and dignity. Here are 6 things an online cremation services should include:

1. Easily Accessible

Cremation services like Willed are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. When your loved one passes away, you can call the team of experienced and professional arrangers to help handle the next steps.

2. Transportation 

A professional and reliable cremation service will transport your loved one into the care of an accredited mortuary facility. Transportation is typically specific to the area where death occurs, so make sure to check if the cremation service operates in your state or territory.

3. Organise the paperwork 

An online cremation service will liaise with you to organise and submit any and all necessary paperwork on your behalf. This will include the organisation of the legal death certificate. 

4. Coffin

Coffins are a legal requirement for cremation within Australia. Cremation services will provide you with a basic, cost effective coffin for your loved one. Online cremation services such as Willed Cremations will offer an eco-friendly coffin to help reduce your carbon footprint. This is in contrast to more traditional coffins or casket options offered at traditional funeral homes.

5. The cremation

Most importantly, online cremation services organise a respectful, private cremation with an accredited crematorium. This step is coordinated entirely by the funeral arranger taking care of your loved one, giving you peace of mind in knowing your loved one is going to be cremated in accordance with all appropriate government guidelines.

6. Return of ashes 

Finally, your loved ones' ashes will be returned to you or a nominated agent such as a fellow family member, in a simple cremation urn. If you plan to decant the ashes into a more decorative urn, your funeral arranger can guide you through that process.

Wrap up

Choosing an alternative to a traditional funeral can seem daunting. Online cremation services such as Willed Cremations will simplify this process. They will work with you to organise the essential service you require at an affordable price. A caring and knowledgeable funeral arranger will be there to organise everything, offering support and guidance throughout the entire process, making this difficult time of transition a little easier.

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