Meet a few of our authors

Picture of Dave Kaplan
Dave Kaplan

Dave has been building bricks and mortar businesses and start-ups for over 20 years. Until 2004, Dave had thought planning for death was morbid and uncomfortable. Then, his father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Dave quickly realised that planning for end of life can actually be one of the most important and valuable gifts to loved ones.

Picture of Aaron Zelman
Aaron Zelman

Aaron's career has centred around helping Australians prepare for the legal, financial and logistical challenges that come with death. Aaron has authored books on Life Insurance and regularly presents to consumers on estate planning and life insurance.

Picture of Ariella Birnbaum
Ariella Birnbaum

Ariella arrived at Willed with extensive experience working in the not for profit sector. After the birth of her eldest child, she was quick to write her Will in order to ensure he would be taken care of if she was suddenly unable to do so. She is continually surprised by how many people don't have a legally valid Will and is passionate about ensuring everyone she knows has their affairs in order.

Picture of Rachel Hechtman
Rachel Hechtman

Rachel spent many years helping patients and their families stay fit and healthy through her training as an accredited practising dietitian. These days, Rachel loves supporting customers to make informed choices around end of life planning by heading up Willed’s customer support and uses customer queries as inspiration to inform her blogs.

Picture of Jordan Kaplan
Jordan Kaplan

Jordan is fascinated by Succession Law, particularly all things Wills and Estates. She is passionate about simplifying difficult concepts and looks forward to helping readers who are navigating the journey of getting their affairs in order.