Why choose Willed?

We’re here to make end-of-life planning simple, affordable and accessible for all Australians. Because death is hard enough already.
Why choose Willed?

It’s safe to say that preparing a Will often feels like a task for the ‘too hard’ basket. The process can feel awkward, expensive and time-consuming, and in today’s fast-paced world, anything that takes longer than the time it takes your barista to whip up your oat milk latte is way too long (in our opinion, anyway).

Which is why we exist.

Willed is here to make end-of-life planning simple, affordable, accessible and palatable for all Australians, so you can tick this mighty important task off your to-do list and feel as though your future – and the future of your loved ones – is in the right hands.

You might be looking at the various options out there (for example, the differences between Willed vs. Safewill). So, here are 10 reasons why Willed is the best choice for all things end-of-life.

1. Digital, with a seamless user experience.

Heading to work on the train, tram, or in an Uber? Make your morning commute a productive one by creating your Will online in as little as 15 minutes, from the comfort of your laptop or mobile phone. No in-person meetings or physical paperwork required. Easy as.

2. Built by lawyers.

“But I’ve always been told I need to meet with a Will and Estate Lawyer for my Will to be deemed official”. A statement we hear all too often, and one we definitely *tutt tutt* at. Willed has been built by lawyers (the best of the best, if we do say so ourselves), so you can rest assured your Will will be legally sound and backed by our in-house legal team.

3. Court approved.

Not only do lawyers approve of our Will-writing platform, but the courts do, too. Our online Wills have been successfully accepted in courts across Australia. Pretty cool, huh?

4. Thousands of Super satisfied customers.

We’ve helped many Australians successfully create their Will. Enough to fill an entire stadium (the MCG, if we’re being exact). We’re here to help make Will-writing accessible and palatable so you don’t shudder every time Uncle Jack asks whether you’ve gotten ‘round to writing “that Will of yours” yet.

5. Looking for more than just Will-writing? We’re Australia’s leading end-of-life specialists, which means we can help with Probate and funeral planning, too.

Some say we’re a triple threat. Others know we're just here to make end-of-life planning as easy and accessible as possible. That’s why we don’t only offer Will-writing, but Probate and funeral planning, too. No stress. No hassle. No last-minute rushing to plan a respectful funeral that fits neatly within your budget. We’ll do all of that for you – don’t worry, we’re here to take care of you.

6. Not keen on spending thousands of dollars on a lawyer? Neither are we.

A typical lawyer will charge $600+ to write a Will. We charge a once-off cost of $159. Need we say more?

7. Our platform is safe and secure.

We’re serious about protecting your information, which is why our tech experts have ensured secure encryption. Protecting your information and privacy is essential – we’ve got you covered.

8. Peace of mind.

Want to double, triple, or even quadruple check that your Will is accurate, legally-sound and super comprehensive? Our Wills and Estate lawyers are available to provide checks and customisations at no extra cost. Peace of mind is our forte.

9. Helping you leave a lasting impact.

We’ve made it easy to leave a legacy that lasts by partnering with a range of charities across the country. In just a few clicks, you can include a donation to a charity you’re passionate about, creating a beacon for generations to come. We’ve already raised millions of dollars for charity – thanks to the help of thousands of generous Australians – and we hope to raise millions more in the future.

And last, but not least:

10. We’re only a phone call or live chat away.

Need a hand in preparing your Will, requesting a quote for Probate, or organising a funeral or cremation? Our friendly team is available to chat from 8:30am to 7pm (EST), 7 days a week. Simply head to the bottom right hand side of this page and click on the orange, ‘Chat with us live’, button to get chatting.

And if live chats aren’t your thing, give us a call on 1300 945 533 (yes, that’s 1300 WILLED. We’re clever like that).

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