TikTok Creators Who Talk Openly About Death

Meet the mortician, palliative care doctor and hospice nurse who are taking over the popular app.
TikTok Creators Who Talk Openly About Death

If you’re on TikTok, your "For You" feed is likely filled with uplifting, funny or ASMR videos. But did you know that there are plenty of TikTok creators who talk about death? If you’re interested in learning new perspectives on life and death, here are 3 popular TikTok creators to follow:

Funeral Babe

Funeral Babe, aka Melissa Jo, is actually a former hairdresser from New York! She went on to study mortuary science and now works as a funeral director and mortician. From sharing ‘days in the life’ to making fun of how her friends and family perceive her unconventional job, it’s refreshing and fascinating to see her normalise the death process. She also has over 700k TikTok followers and more than 7M likes, so it’s fair to say that people all around the world are fans of her videos and enjoy the rare insight into her life as a mortician, regardless of how morbid it may get. 

Watch Funeral Babe’s TikToks here.

Dr Sammy Winemaker 

Dr Sammy Winemaker is a palliative care doctor. In her videos, she talks about the realities of palliative care, hospices, end-of-life planning, assisted living and more. As far as TikTok videos are concerned, her clips are on the longer side, averaging about 2-3 minutes. (TikTok videos typically average about 21-34 seconds). Dr Sammy is highly skilled at compiling a whole lot of information into short summarised explainers about all things to do with death. She has a calming presence, is a confident speaker, and you really get the sense that she knows her stuff. 

Check out Dr Sammy Winemaker’s videos here.

Hospice Nurse Julie 

Julie is a hospice nurse with a wicked sense of humour, and she’s honest, alright! She has a knack for storytelling and is somehow able to make light of even the darkest situations. People often think that being a hospice nurse is depressing, but in her clips, Julie explains how her job truly enriches her life. Through her work as a hospice nurse, Julie is able to witness the most incredible acts of love right before, during and after death, when a dying person is surrounded by their family and beautiful words are exchanged, and often shares just how sacred and powerful her job can be.

Watch Hospice Nurse Julie’s TikTok videos here.

Wrap up

If you’re looking for TikTok Creators who talk about death with sensitivity, compassion and who are just super down to earth and real, look no further than the three incredible women introduced above. 

Not on TikTok? You can still watch videos on your smartphone, laptop or computer without creating an account. Simply click the links above to be redirected or head to TikTok on your browser and search for your respective Creators of choice.

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