Making An Impact With An Online Will

Thinking about the legacy you’ll leave behind? Here’s how online Wills are making a big impression in our digital age.
Making An Impact With An Online Will

With Willed, it’s super easy to get your affairs in order. Not only can you write your Will online in just 15 minutes (we know, it sounds too good to be true), but you can also put plans in place to ensure you leave behind a legacy you’re proud of (and that feels true to you), making an impact well after your passing.

Looking after more than just yourself

Did you know that huge proportions of both the charity and education sectors rely solely on legacy-giving? That means that a big chunk of their money (read: funding) comes from people who have passed away and have chosen to donate some of their hard-earned dollars to organisations in need. How cool (and generous) is that?

As a result, it can be worthwhile considering whether you’d be interested in donating some of your money – whether it’s $$$ that are sitting in your bank account, money earned through shares or from the sale of a property, or money made from selling some of your other assets.

Is legacy-giving only for rich people?

A common question – and a pretty fair one. Often, we associate generous bequests post-death with wealth. However, anyone can leave a charitable gift in their legal Will to an organisation they’re passionate about, no matter how big or small that amount might be.

Leaving a bequest to an impactful organisation can also be a pretty incredible way to leave a lasting legacy once you’ve passed. Not only will you be helping those who need it most, but you might take comfort in knowing you’ll be helping out a worthwhile cause after you die. After all, there aren’t many actions you can take in your final days that are as meaningful as donating to people and institutions in need.

How do I leave a legacy?

If you’re keen on learning more about donations and bequests, we’ve written an entire guide on them here. But, if you’re already pretty well-versed in how you can make a charitable donation via your Will, and you’re just interested in learning how to do it, we have the answer:

Simply write your Will via the Willed platform, decide on the charity (or institution) you’d want to make a donation to, the type of bequest, and then the amount you’d want to gift (whether that’s a set monetary value, a percentage of a sale, or a percentage of the total amount in your savings account when you pass).

It really is as simple as that.

(Note: It’s important to make your bequest formal by ensuring it’s written in your Will. We’d also always recommend letting your family know that you’ve chosen to leave a charitable gift in your Will so they aren’t taken by surprise when the time comes).

What are some benefits to leaving a financial legacy in my online Will?

Well, we thought you’d never ask! (Kidding, we totally knew you’d ask). Here are some of the benefits we associate with legacy-leaving:

  • The good feeling that comes with knowing you are all set to give back once you pass, with your money going exactly where you want it to in order to make an impact.

  • With the cost of living crisis proving challenging for many Australians, it can be hard to make regular financial donations to charities and organisations you’re passionate about. By leaving a gift in your Will, you’ll be able to contribute financially to causes you care about – and this won’t have any financial implication on your lifestyle while you’re still alive.

  • Dividing an estate often means that the loved ones of the deceased receive assets (financial or other). Leaving money or assets to charity in your Will can be a meaningful way to make an impact outside of your inner circle.

Wrap up

Being able to include gifts in your online Will with Willed makes Will-writing (and legacy giving) easier and more accessible than ever. You can start writing your Will online in just 15 minutes (and yes, that time also includes leaving information around your bequest). We’re all time poor, so our goal is to making Will-writing quick and easy. Always.

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