How much does a will cost?

Many people know that a Will is important, but they don’t know any of the details.
How much does a will cost?

Many people know that a Will is important, but they don’t know any of the details. They’re aware that there is a danger in passing away without having a Will in place, and they know that it can lead to greater and greater problems for their family members, but they don’t have an understanding of the process behind getting a Will done, or how much it costs. There’s definitely a misconception that making a Will has to be either a cheap and unreliable Will kit from the Post Office, or an expensive project involving lawyers - but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Going through a Lawyer is expensive

Getting your Will done through a Lawyer can be a very expensive and time consuming process, depending on the complexity of your estate and your needs. Wills done this way can cost upwards of $3,000 in some circumstances, and that’s a costly expenditure. For most people, their estates aren’t going to need the level of customization and planning that would require them to go through a Lawyer every time - and they’re far better off using an alternative approach.

Getting a Will kit is cheap - but is it reliable?

The least expensive option is to use a Will kit. These can be purchased from a range of places, and they’re a set of forms etc. that you can fill out to build the most basic Will. In some situations, it will get the job done, but it does require a lot of manual work. It’s the least customizable option, which explains its low costs. While there are some estates that may be simple enough for a Will kit, most Australians are going to find that it is too inflexible to properly represent their best wishes and plans.

The important thing to remember is that the old ways of getting a Will written weren’t designed to be user friendly - but that’s all changed.

Through Willed, writing a Will online costs just $159.

Doing a Will through an online platform means that you can have your Will written and ready to be signed in just 20 minutes. Willed charges $159 for a legal Will, built through a platform that has been fully vetted by our legal team. You can design a plan for your estate, sort out your beneficiaries and assets, and even leave gifts and parts of your estate to charities and our non-profit partners.

How much your Will costs depends on whether you want to check the box, create a completely custom document, or use the simplest approach to keeping an up to date digitally written Will. The right option is going to depend on the individual - but you should bear in mind that your estate is an important part of your financial health and wellbeing, and having your Will in place is a priority, regardless of which path you choose!

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