Digital Wills Vs Traditional Wills

We're modernising Wills, to make them work for what you need, when you need it.
Digital Wills Vs Traditional Wills

There are many reasons why a digital Will is a great option for planning your estate. For many people though, it's a brand new concept. A digital Will is something that has only really become an option and a possibility over the past few years, with technology and internet availability becoming more easily accessible!

Traditional Wills are paper based, from start to finish. The process was manual, and it did rely on having either a lawyer working on it with you, or using a paper based Will kit that would help you to plan your estate with the least amount of customisation.

Writing a digital Will means that you can be fare more flexible and have more options available to you. It can be faster, simpler and more in line with the specific needs of your estate.

A digital Will can be more easily updated

Your Will is going to need to be updated multiple times throughout your life, sometimes because your preferences have changed - but sometimes because various life events such as marriages and divorces can actually make your Will invalid automatically. When you have a paper Will created through a lawyer, you're going to need to go right back to them and complete the process again, which can be complicated and expensive.

With a digital Will, that process of changing and updating is made much easier. You'll be able quickly generate a new version with updates and tweaks, print it off and have it witnessed and signed.

One of the biggest dangers in having a Will is making sure that you don't forget to keep it clear, concise and complete with the right information to direct your estate, and doing your Will online means you can keep everything sorted with as little friction as possible.

A digital Will is quick and straight forward!

You can write your Will online in just 15 minutes from the comfort of your couch. That means that protecting your assets and your estate will take less time than ever before, and you can rest easy after just answering and working through a few questions.

As long as you have an idea about what you want your Will to involve, who your beneficiaries and executor will be, and what assets you need to distribute, there's no reason writing a Will online can't be a quick and painless process. That's one of the key goals of Willed - to ensure that every Australian has access to a Will without the drama.

It's important to remember that a digital Will is just as legally valid as any other Will, and you can be confident that it has you covered as much as possible. While no Will is entirely safe from being challenged, a digital Will is a worthwhile investment and is a reliable option.

With every part of your finances and your investments becoming more streamlined and technologically driven, making your estate run the same way makes a lot of sense. We're modernising Wills, to make them work for what you need, when you need it.

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