Caring for the causes you love through your Will

Supporting charities and causes that mean a lot to you on a personal level is an important pathway for your Will.
Caring for the causes you love through your Will

Supporting charities and causes that mean a lot to us on a personal level is an important pathway. It gives us an opportunity to represent and live out our values. For most people, this will happen through charitable donations made during their lifetime, through monthly giving or through one off individual gifts. However, there are a range of options beyond that, enabling Australians to look after the causes closest to their hearts.

Supporting a charity through your Will

In Australia, you can write a Will that would enable you to leave some of your assets and estate to a charity as a gift, naming them as a beneficiary. When you’re writing your Will, it’s a relatively simple matter of deciding where and how much of your assets will go to charity, and making sure that your Will is legally witnessed.

If you want to make sure that you are able to continue doing the good work that is important to you after the event of your death, this is a fantastic option to enable that. It also means you can create a legacy, and know you are leaving behind your mark.

For some people, it might be a charity that their family has a long history of working with, while for others it could be a cause that they are drawn to because of their own personal story. While your Will is supposed to ensure that you are passing on your estate to the family members and friends that are in your life, it is important to remember that you can do so much more, and make a difference in the wider community.

The good you can do

The average estate in Australia is worth over $50,000 to some of the charities that we are working with to better enable charitable giving through writing your Will. That represents an enormous amount of value, when you consider the work that can be done through it. If it’s a priority for you that your assets continue to contribute to changing the world and speaking up for your beliefs, you can rest easy knowing that giving through your Will is an excellent option that many charities already rely on for their fundraising.

We’re working to bring on board a range of organisations through our platform to make the process of gifting through your estate as easy as it can possibly be, and we can’t wait to announce it.

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