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TLC for Kids is a dedicated non-profit, providing immediate support for sick children and families across Australia.

With a mission to bring smiles to ailing kids, the organisation, deeply embedded in the Australian community, relies on individual and organisational support.
Operating in over 400 hospitals, they provide distractional support services during 900,000+ procedures annually.

Your lasting impact can continue by leaving a bequest in your will, ensuring TLC for Kids can persist in caring for countless sick children and families in need.

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About TLC for Kids

Since 1998, TLC for Kids has given relief and much-needed distraction to sick children and their families during stressful and traumatic situations. In hospitals across Australia, our services have been used over 14.1 million times and counting.

Our critical support programs are now being used over 1 million times per year, and we are constantly working towards doing more and reaching more children and families in need. And now, with the introduction of our Digital Distraction App, Tap 2 Distract, our reach will continue to expand around Australia and the globe. We are a safety net for our community’s most vulnerable.

Upon referral from Healthcare Professionals, we give individualised practical and emotional support, both in and out of hospital, when it’s needed the most. Whether it’s a one-off hospital visit or a prolonged struggle with illness, we are part of the extended support network for sick children, providing collaborative care and emergency relief. We know little things make a big difference.

Our Mission is to put smiles back on the faces of sick children and their families. Our Vision is for sick children and their families to be practically and emotionally supported during crucial times of need.

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  • Legally valid throughout Australia
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  • Convenient and fast
  • Live telephone and online support
  • Secure online storage of final messages
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