Happy Birthday Willed

Willed is turning two. To mark the occasion we are taking stock of our achievements and celebrating with a huge discount on Wills. For all the details, read on.
Happy Birthday Willed

May marks Willed's birthday and we want to celebrate this milestone with you!

That means you can use Australia's number 1 rated online Will-writing service to write your legal Will for just $79.

Where we started...

In May 2020, Willed was launched with the dream of making legal Wills more simple, more affordable and more accessible for all Australians.

How it's going...

We are proud to say that two years on, we have helped tens of thousands of people get peace of mind by protecting their family with our easy and stress free Will writing process. Our human-centred technology means that clients can write their Will in as little as 15 minutes, from anywhere at any time.

But that isn't all we have achieved. Here are some highlights. We have...

  • launched probate and letters of administration services, helping thousands of Executors since.
  • partnered with charities to support their Gift-in-Wills programs, and raised millions of dollars in bequests.
  • begun offering cremation services, supporting hundreds of families in their time of need.
  • developed an extensive library of online guides to educate and support our customers on just about everything related to end of life.
  • Grown our team to include more experts, so that we can serve you better.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg! We are always striving to improve the support we can offer our clients, and have big plans for our third year. 

What's next?

Our future is clear. We promise to continue doing our best to help you deal with the practicalities of death respectfully, simply (#nojargon) and affordably.

Wrap Up

So, if you haven't yet felt the peace of mind that comes with writing your legally valid Will, then get started today.

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