10 Unique Places to Scatter a Loved One's Ashes

Deciding on a final resting place as special as your loved one often takes some thought. Here are 10 unique places you can scatter your loved one’s ashes.
10 Unique Places to Scatter a Loved One's Ashes

When a loved one is cremated, families commonly ask the funeral director where they can scatter ashes of a loved one. The act of scattering one’s ashes is highly personal and a meaningful sendoff. If you’re interested in scattering your loved one’s ashes but aren’t sure yet where, here are some creative ideas to consider.

1. Their favourite outdoor spot

Did your loved one have a favourite park, running track or lake? Perhaps they had a favourite holiday spot? You might like to look at scattering ashes there. You may want to release the ashes in a place where your loved one resided or spent a significant amount of time. This will add sentimental value to that particular place and bring back old memories of times that you spent together each time you visit.

2. A place where a major life event occurred

You may want to honour a major event in his or her life, scattering ashes where your loved one accomplished something or completed a goal of theirs. For example, the location of their wedding, the grounds of the University they attended or a place where a meaningful goal was achieved.

3. The ocean or beach

This method of scattering ashes is common as it lets you witness the ashes being moved by the water as they float away into the ocean. Beaches symbolise leisure and hedonism with enough space to ensure families can have a private moment to themselves during this process. You generally don't need permission to scatter cremated ashes at most Australian beaches or coastlines. However, you will need to comply with local environmental protection authority guidelines.

4. At high point near your home

Are there any geographical highlands near you? Is there a mountain where your loved one used to hike? Locations with height can be meaningful as you will be able to see them throughout the day and still feel close to your loved one.

5. A park or garden

Scattering your loved one's ashes in the beauty of nature is often desired as it offers a tranquil final resting place. Scattering them in a garden in your home gives you the freedom to get creative. You could add memorial stones or a colourful flower bed as a reminder of your loved one. You might also like to plant a tree which will grow over time, reminding you of the circle of life.

6. A place they always wanted to go but never visited

Is there a place that your loved one was never able to visit during their lifetime, but was a dream of theirs? We don’t always have the chance to accomplish everything on our bucket lists so scattering ashes in a place like this can be very rewarding and sentimental. It’s as if you granted their last wishes.

7. Your own property

Sometimes what feels very natural is to keep loved ones close to home, especially being able to visit with ease. Scattering ashes on your property will also feel like they are always in a safe place and always with you.

8. In space

You can now send your loved ones ashes into space, an option which is growing in popularity. This unique way to honour their life is a beautiful tribute to someone who spent their nights gazing at the stars. Loved ones can gather together to share the commemorative event and celebrate the life of the deceased.

9. A cremation garden

A cremation garden is dedicated to cremated remains that are interred (placed in an urn). This is a growing idea with many cemeteries and parks now having designated areas for a cremation garden. They are usually luscious landscapes which include trees, fountains, flowers and plants.

10. Sky scattering

There are many different creative services that allow the scattering of ashes in the sky. Some examples are helicopters, planes, hot air balloons or drones. With access to beautiful landscapes this unique service can allow for ashes to naturally carry themselves to great lengths.

Wrap Up

Following cremation, there are many options available when it comes to scattering ashes. While there are no national laws restricting the scattering of ashes, it’s best to seek the permission of landowners if you're considering scattering them on private land. Like many other things involved in the death of a loved one, there is no right or wrong place to scatter ashes, you are free to choose a place that has meaning to you.

If you have specific wishes around your final resting place, it’s best to note them in your legal Will.

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