It’s our birthday! We’re turning 3

Pop the champagne! We’re celebrating three years of Willed, and you’re invited to our (metaphorical) party.
It’s our birthday! We’re turning 3

In case you’re new around here, May marks our birthday month (and also the last month before winter hits, *insert exaggerated shivering*). And because birthdays are all about gift-giving, we figured hey, we may as well gift you with something special. We’re generous like that.

Our story began in May 2020…

Yes, the #WorstYearEver did have some pros (although they were few and far between). Our dream team of lawyers decided to make Will-writing easier, more affordable and more accessible than ever by developing our platform, allowing you to write a legally legit Will in just 15 minutes.

That’s Guinness World Record type stuff. (Seriously though, why hasn’t anyone added us to that book yet?).

And here’s where we’re at today…

With three years comes a whole heap of learnings, innovations and evolutions. We’ve helped tens of thousands of Aussies write their Wills, plan their funerals and cremations, and learn (almost) everything they need to know about death and the law. It’s safe to say that when the time comes for our guide-readers and Will-writers to say goodbye, they’ll know exactly what’s in-store for them and their loved ones.

But, if we’re talking about our accomplishments over the past year specifically, here’s what we’ve achieved:

  • We launched prepaid cremations, covering NSW, VIC, SA, ACT and South-East QLD. That means you can pay for your cremation… before you die. It’s the perfect way to show consideration for your loved ones and ensure you’re taken care of according to your wishes.
  • We’re offering direct cremation services in more areas. We are helping families in NSW, VIC, SA, and ACT, and if your state isn’t listed? You might be next on our list.
  • In-person funeral and memorial services? We can do those now! You can chat to one of our funeral arrangers to plan your funeral or the funeral of a loved one.
  • We launched a national TV campaign, so you could say we’re ‘famous’ now. Click here to view the extended ad.
  • We were featured on The Morning Show, #FamousPeopleThings. Missed the segment? View it here.
  • If you know us well, you’d know we love a good collaboration with a like-minded business. So, we’ve partnered with Australian Unity to offer professional executor services. In just a couple of clicks you can ease the burden on your loved ones when the inevitable happens.
  • Aaaaand we’ve welcomed a bunch of new team members to Willed HQ! They’re helping us make our already amazing offer (if we do say so ourselves) better than ever.

So, what’s next?

Well, we can’t give away all our secrets, can we? There’s so much in the works, and we can guarantee that everything we’re planning will make management of your estate, cremation or burial easier and more palatable (because planning death-related stuff is hardly enticing at the best of times).

If you haven’t yet written your Will with us – and you’ve read this far – today might be the perfect day to get started. Happy birthday to us, ‘ey?

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