How much does Probate cost in WA?

The application process for Probate in WA can involve a range of costs- but, they can be reimbursed!
How much does Probate cost in WA?

When an individual passes away in Western Australia, a number of administrative tasks must be completed before the estate can be distribute to the beneficiaries. A major part of this is filing for a Grant of Probate, which can incur a range of costs and fees.

Probate filing costs in WA

The fee to file your application for a Grant of Probate in Western Australia is $370. This fee is payable to the WA Supreme Court.

Other fees involved with filing for Probate in WA

When completing your application for Probate, a number of other costs may be incurred such as

- Obtaining the death certificate

- Postage costs to acquire the Original Will

- Asset and Property valuations

- Legal services to assist with the application process

Applying for a Grant of Probate can be quite time consuming and stressful during an already emotional time due to the amount of administrative tasks and paper work required. To assist with this process, some Executors may choose to employ the services of a legal professional such as a lawyer or solicitor who charge by the hour. Another option is to work with a service such as Willed, which offers fixed fee probate assistance to complete the application process on your behalf.

Who pays for the Probate Application process in WA?

Once Probate has been granted, costs associated with the application process can be reimbursed from the deceased’s estate.

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