Death Administration: What is the ADNS?

Did you know that the Australian Death Notification Service (ADNS) can digitally notify multiple organisations that someone has died? Learn more in this guide below.
Death Administration: What is the ADNS?

The process of notifying family, friends, respective authorities and organisations of a loved one’s passing is an incredibly challenging process (during an already stressful and emotional time). It’s not unusual for those who are grieving to delay this process, which is where the Australian Death Notification Service (ADNS) comes in – to minimise the work one has to do when it comes to death administration. 

What exactly does the ADNS do?

The ADNS helps people in Australia to contact multiple organisations when someone has died, so those who are grieving don’t have to deal with all the extra bureaucratic responsibilities. The ADNS do this using a single online notification.

Is it free?

Yes. The ADNS is a free government initiative, supported by all Australian States and Territories.

Do I need to do anything to use the service?

You will need a few things:

  1. death certificate will need to be issued before you can use the service.
  2. You will need to find the account and membership numbers of the person who has passed.
  3. The ADNS will also need to know the state or territory where the person died, and their last known residential address.

Important note:

Some organisations may require additional details to close or transfer accounts, such as:

What kind of organisations are notified?

A whole host of organisations, including:

How long does it take for organisations to be notified?

It can take up to 10 business days to receive a response with the next steps (regarding closing and transferring accounts).

Are all organisations a part of the service?

Not yet, but they’re working on it. Organisations ‘opt in’ to participate in the service, and you’ll find that major ones (like the big banks, for example) are typically listed. In the meantime, you could also send the notification confirmation email to organisations that aren’t a part of the service, which contains all the details you will need.

What if the person died overseas?

At this stage, the ADNS is unable to provide support services for those who have died abroad. 

Browse participating organisations now.

Wrap up

The ADNS was created to reduce the mountains of paperwork associated with death administration and is available for Australians in every State and Territory. The free government initiative minimises the work grieving people have to do when a loved one passes away. The ADNS will notify all participating organisations for you through a single online notification. The passing of a loved one is a sad and emotional time for everyone. But having a plan in place can make things easier for your loved ones when the time comes. 

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