Bucket List Ideas for Everyone

No matter your age, let’s tick that bucket list off, one activity at a time.
Bucket List Ideas for Everyone

Most people think that a bucket list is a list of things to do before you die … but it’s a whole lot more than that. Ticking things off a bucket list gives you a chance to try new things, make memories and have fun! Sure, most people’s bucket lists would look like this: skydive in some popular location, swim with cute dolphins and hike the world’s most interesting trails. But bucket lists don’t necessarily have to be about wild adventures. From starting history projects to working towards letting go of old grudges, here are some bucket list ideas to add to your list.

Bucket list personal growth ideas

  • Let go of an old grudge. If it’s me, myself and I you’re mad at (that’s you, not us), work through steps to forgive yourself. You can do this by seeing a psychologist or mapping out a realistic way of achieving this. 
  • Always wanted to learn something, but never had the chance? Apply for a TAFE or university course, or enrol in a short course that doesn’t need prerequisite requirements. Alternatively you could try University of the Third Age or even app-based learning. For example, new languages with Duolingo or piano with Yousician. It’s never too late to further your education.
  • Do something small that you’ve always put off. If you’re single and want to date again after the death of your spouse (but never find the time or are too nervous to start again), start by planning one date. Just one!

Bucket list history, identity and linguistic ideas

  • Start a genealogy project to learn more about your ancestors and where you came from.
  • Create a family scrapbook or a legacy project for your descendants to marvel at in the future.
  • Sign up for a language class! Whether it’s a commonly spoken language like French or Mandarin or a language that is facing extinction, you can make new friends, challenge yourself and help your brain thrive!

Bucket list travel ideas

  • Go on a safari… just leave your leopard and cheetah-print at home. 
  • Plan and book that Euro trip you’ve been eyeing since 2010.
  • Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Book tickets to the next FIFA World Cup, or the Olympics! 
  • Always wanted to caravan or drive around Australia? Whether you’re doing it solo, with friends, your spouse or the entire family, now is a better time than any to see what’s happening in your backyard.

Miscellaneous bucket list ideas

  • Run a marathon or a half-triathlon … whatever it is that athletic people do these days.
  • Join a sports team! It doesn’t matter if you’re long retired from the game, or if you’re looking to start a new hobby. There are friendly leagues out there that you can join at any age! Not able to play (or don’t want to?) We get you. Start attending games that interest you. Because the game wouldn’t be the same without its loyal spectators. 
  • Dealing with a reading hiatus? Set yourself a new reading goal for the year (we’ve heard great things about the 30-pages-a-day method!)
  • Reunite with an old friend. Talk a walk down memory lane and then relive the great times that have happened since you last saw one another.

Wrap up

Whether you’re trekking through outback Australia, learning how to conjugate your French verbs or starting a genealogy project, there are so many interesting things to pin onto your bucket list. Remember that a bucket list doesn’t have to include these massive milestone things like travelling the world, running a marathon or saving, say $20k. It can also include small things like organising your garage (which isn’t such a small feat when you think about it), reuniting with an old friend or signing up for an interesting short course that you’ve always been interested in but have never had time to do. The sky’s the limit!

Step one on your bucket list? Write or update your legal Will. Get started now.

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