10 Popular Claims of Signs from Loved Ones

Looking for signs that they’re still here with you? Here are 10 popular ones.
10 Popular Claims of Signs from Loved Ones

Losing a loved one can prompt us to start searching for signs that they’re still present. We derive meaning from moments, objects and occurrences that we might never have thought twice about before they passed, and take comfort in knowing they might not truly be gone.

From butterflies to birds, coins to fragrances, here are some of the most popular claims of signs from deceased loved ones.

1. Butterflies

Butterfly sightings are one of the most commonly mentioned signs that a deceased loved one has visited you (so much so, that we’ve even written an entire guide on butterflies alone). In many cultures, butterflies represent souls and the life cycle.

Many grieving families report butterflies ‘following’ them around after a loved one has passed, sometimes even allowing humans to hold them in their hands. They are typically seen in bright colours like cobalt blue and canary yellow after someone close to you passes.

2. Birds

Yep, there’s a strong ‘wing’ theme going on here. And the animal theme also won’t stop here (there’s more to come). Certain types of birds are perceived as ‘signs’ from the deceased; Hummingbirds and Cardinals, to be exact. These aren’t your average everyday birds, so they truly do stand out when you see them after the death of a loved one.

However, some grieving families mention being ‘followed’ by other types of birds, too. So if you feel as though there’s significance in a specific bird you’ve seen (or keep seeing), chances are, you’re right.

3. Feathers

There’s a popular saying that goes, “When feathers appear, angels are near”. Feathers have long been viewed as communication methods from the other side, as well as a sign that angels or spirits are near. Sometimes, people report finding feathers in random places like their jacket pocket or in their bedroom (which doesn’t really make sense, unless you keep your pet bird in your room or have rolled around in a field of feathers).

Have a cat, and know that they often bring feathers indoors? Rolling your eyes at this point because you know that a feather indoors is likely a gift from your puss? Well, we’ve done some research on that, too. Feathers from angels or the deceased are supposedly pure white, which makes them a little rare for your pet cat to find.

4. Squirrels and Deer

If animals are so not your thing, and you’re getting a little tired of these symbolic claims, we promise this one is one of our last. In the case of animals like squirrels, deer, chipmunks and other wildlife, some believe that a random sighting of these animals (especially when their loved one had a genuine adoration for them) represent a message from the deceased

And this goes for any animal really, when it appears in a place it generally wouldn’t (or shouldn’t).

5. Dragonflies

Depending on where you live, you might notice an increased presence of dragonflies after a loved one has died. The symbolism behind these fluttery creatures differs from the symbolism behind a butterfly after death. While a butterfly symbolises hope and new beginnings, dragonflies are seen to represent adaptability and wisdom.

6. Coins

Okay, we’re done with the animal chat now. Coins are another commonly-reported ‘sign’ from the deceased. Some believe that finding coins in unexpected places is symbolic of your loved one(s) trying to communicate with you; and bonus points if the date on the coin is one of significance (say, the date of their death, or your birthday).

There have been interesting coin-related occurrences that have been reported by grieving family members. Some report coins landing on their heads, or multiple coins being arranged in shapes like lines or circles.

7. Stones or Pebbles

Similarly to coins, stones and pebbles are other frequently reported signs from a deceased loved one. If you find a stone in an unexpected location – like in your drawers, kitchen, in the middle of your living room floor, or inside your pockets – you might be receiving a message from the deceased.

8. Their Belongings

Do you feel like you keep finding your deceased loved one’s belongings in strange places? Maybe you’ve found one of their t-shirts (that you’re pretty certain was hanging in their closet) draped across the couch, or on the floor in the kitchen? Some believe that this is a sign from your loved one, letting you know that they’re still there with you.

9. Recognisable Scents

Some people report smelling recognisable scents months after a loved one has passed, like their perfume or fabric softener. Others report the presence of unusual smells, like certain flowers or cigarettes.

These scents have long been perceived as a message being sent from the deceased, reminding you that they’re there.

10. Dreams

Have you ever dreamt about your deceased loved one? Maybe your dreams are recurring and their presence in those dreams are frequent? This isn’t unusual, and can be a sign that your loved one is trying to teach you or tell you something important.

Wrap up

While we’ve listed 10 of the most commonly reported signs in this guide, it’s important to note that there are so many other signs that people have interpreted as being signals and messages from departed loved ones. Some of these include: Flickering house lights, technology that becomes unreliable and temperamental, feeling like someone is playing with your hair, and phone calls with nobody on the other end.

So if you’ve experienced something we haven’t mentioned above, and you’re certain they were signs of your loved one trying to communicate with you? You’re likely right.

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