Painlessly genreate death notices for print

Painlessly Generate Death Notices for Print

Death Notices are an important, but often forgotten part of the funeral and estate management process.

A death notice is a listing placed in the Classifieds or Obituaries of a print newspaper to communicate someone's passing. The family writes the death notice of the deceased person, and the funeral director organises its printing. Unlike obituaries, a death notice contains minimal information.

Like all aspects of the post-death bureaucratic process, Death Notices can be hard to write. We've designed an easy to use generator to assist you in writing them.

How to Use the Generator

  1. Input the name of the deceased.
  2. Select the date of their passing.
  3. Input their age.
  4. Choose a simple verb to communicate your feelings towards them.
  5. Select the most important of their relationships. You can choose multiple, but we recommend a maximum of three.
  6. Select a closing sentiment.
  7. Optionally, you may also include the type, date, and location of their funeral service by filling the relevant boxes.
  8. Hit 'Submit', then copy the generated text and send it to your funeral director.