How to Choose a Cremation Provider

A checklist of sorts, thrown together to help you pick the perfect cremation provider for yourself or a loved one.
How to Choose a Cremation Provider

There are so many things to organise when a loved one passes away, but something that needs to be sorted in a relatively timely manner is their funeral, memorial service and/or cremation.

If you’re new to the world of cremation-planning, we’ve got your back. The process can actually be relatively easy and straightforward, as long as you know where to go (and what you’re looking for).

Not all cremation services are the same, so it’s important to sort through the nitty gritty and ask yourself (and other loved ones) some pretty crucial questions before making a final decision.

Here are 6 things worth considering before locking in your loved one’s cremation provider:

Create a list of potential providers

There’s nothing a quick Google search can’t solve! Look around for cremation providers and create a comprehensive list featuring all the information you’ve requested (and can find on the website of the provider) so that you’re able to review and compare the fine print before making a decision. It can be tempting to just opt for the first provider you come across (many people think all providers are the same!), but it’s important to weigh up different factors such as cost, availability, value for money, and whether the provider has positive reviews.

Does the provider offer a complete 24/7 service?

This might be something you don’t realise you need… until you’ve picked a provider who doesn’t offer it. A 24/7 cremation provider will collect the deceased’s body at any time, while others might only collect the body during office hours (or within a certain set of hours). It’s always worth opting for a provider who’ll come as soon as you call them – whether you give it a few days so you can spend some time with your loved one before sending them off, or you call the provider to head straight over immediately after passing.

Understand the optional extras worth paying for, and those worth ignoring

Every family is different – some love all the bells and whistles (and are willing to pay for them), while others don’t. And some just simply don’t realise which bells and whistles are essential, and which ones aren’t. It’s important to be aware of cremation providers who’ll take advantage of the knowledge gap . They may try and persuade you to spend more money with them by investing in add-ons you might not typically place value on. Ask around for information on the norm, and then make informed decisions based on what you and your family value.

Ask the provider if they’ll share the cremation date with you

It’s only natural to want to know the date your loved one will be cremated. If this is important to you, make sure you ask the provider if they’ll share the date and location with you should you choose to attend (or commemorate the day in your own way).

Decide on the type of cremation you’d like your loved one to have

Nope, there isn’t only one cremation option – there are a few to choose from (and this can often be what makes or breaks the provider you were hoping to opt for) and costs vary between cremation types.

Ask cremation providers if they offer cremations with memorial services, cremation without a service, and cremations after a body has been donated to science. Not all providers will take on all types of cremations, so it’s important to choose the one that will tick your every box.

Make sure the cremation provider follows all rules and regulations

Different states, territories and countries have different rules regarding cremation. Some cremation providers also have their own set of rules and practices. It’s important to look into all guidelines and ensure the provider you’re choosing is registered to execute cremations, legally.

Wrap up

cremation is one of the most important events you’ll have to plan when your loved one dies, so it’s important to ask all the right questions before locking in a provider. If you aren’t currently planning a cremation for a loved one though, and are simply reading this guide to get a better understanding of what your own cremation might one day look like, well then, go you! There’s something pretty darn responsible about planning your cremation before you pass – it takes the guesswork out of the process when the inevitable happens, ensuring your family and loved ones can make decisions based on your plans. Learn more about affordable cremations with Willed online.

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