3 Reasons to Gift a Will this holiday season

Gifting a Will is a unique and meaningful present for your loved ones
3 Reasons to Gift a Will this holiday season

Give your family and loved ones a unique gift this year - the Gift of 'Peace of Mind' to write their legal Will from the comfort of their own home. It may not be the most exciting or the 'sexiest' present, but it's a great way to show your loved ones that you care, but making sure their family and assets are protected.

Remove the procrastination factor.

Traditionally, writing your Will has involved an expensive and time-consuming trip to see a lawyer - which has left estate planning in the 'too hard basket' for many. By gifting a Will to a loved one, you can help them take the first step in organising and planning their estate through the intuitive Willed platform, from the comfort of their own home.

Spark some essential conversations with the people you love

Talking about end of life planning is generally something we try to avoid, but it is one of the most important conversations you can have with your loved ones. Conversations around your values and beliefs for medical decisions, guardianship options and funeral plans are crucial to ensure that your family and friends can make the best and most appropriate choices for you - should you be unable to do so yourself. Gifting a Will is a great way to let your loved ones know that you are open and ready to discuss your life plans with them, and encourage them to do the same.

Help your loved ones protect their estate and their families.

Over 50% of Australians do not have a legally valid Will - which can leave family and loved ones in a tricky situation if someone passes away unexpectedly, particularly if they have dependents. If you have children under the age of 18 or dependants in your care, it is crucial to set aside provisions and resources for them in your Will. If a person passes away without such plans in place, the Court will determine the children or dependent's guardian - which may not align with your final wishes.

By Gifting a Will to your family this holiday season, you can ensure that your loved ones have the appropriate measure and plans in place to protect and support their family.

Supporting your family and loved ones to write their legally valid Will is a great way to show that you care, by making sure their families and estates are protected and cared for, no matter what 2021 may bring.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. This blog should not be relied upon as legal, financial, accounting or tax advice

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