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What’s the right age to start my Will?
We recommend all adults start to think about their Will sooner rather than later!
Every single parent should have a Will.
We know what it’s like to worry about the future. Having a Will makes a difference.
Can my Will be contested?
There are some circumstances in which a Will may be contested in court - but having a Will is still vitally important!
Why is a Will so important? Why do I need a Will?
No matter where you’re at in life, having a plan in place is always a good idea.
How to get your Will sorted for the EOFY!
One of the areas where you can start getting things sorted out is actually in creating a legal Will.
Who can create a legal Will online?
Everyone is entitled to make a Will - as long as they have the capacity to make the necessary determinations!
When is it time to update your Will?
If you’ve written a Will online, it’s important to remember that you might need to update it from time to time!
How do you choose a beneficiary for your Will?
When you're writing a Will online, the most important step is to select a beneficiary.
Your Will and your Superannuation: What you need to know
What happens to your superannuation if you die?
What happens to your pets in the event of your death?
Our pets are more than just cats and dogs; they’re closer to family members.
How to appoint a legal guardian in your will
How to appoint a legal guardian in your will
What you need to know before writing a Will
What Happens If You Die Without A Will?
If you're planning for your future, you should be trying to tick off everything on your list.
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